Girls Group Home

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Independent Living Home is to provide care and services to adolescents who are not able to return to or live with their families for a variety of reasons. The program provides a home like environment compared to a traditional residential facility. The structure of the home is aimed at preparing the youth for self-sufficiency through a variety of hands-on independent living skills.

Advantage is a CARF accredited and a QRTP certified group home licensed by the state of Ohio.


 Awake trauma-informed trained Independent Living Specialist on staff 24/7
• On-call Clinical and Nursing Staff 24/7
• On-site individual and group counseling
• Structured schedule focused on independent living to ensure youth are ready to live independently
• Home-like structure


• Girls ages 10-21
• In the custody of children services

Independent Living Skills Offered

• Academic Support
• Career Preparation
• Budget and Financial Management
• Housing and Home Management
• Health Education and Risk Prevention

Advantage Independent Living Homes is dedicated to ensuring youth have everything they need to live on their own when they reach the age of majority. Youth placed in the home will receive multiple hands-on Independent Living classes in order to make sure they can ask questions and understand what is needed to be a successful adult. These classes may include but are not limited to the following: how to fill out a job application, how to write and maintain a resume, how to dress for an interview, what to say in an interview (including mock interviews), how to get and maintain a bank account, budget out groceries for the week, pay electric, water or gas bills, find an apartment, fill out a lease, understand the lease, how to maintain a clean and healthy apartment or house, how to maintain healthy support systems while living on their own, what a healthy relationship looks like, health education including hygiene, sex education, medical and dental care (how to call the doctor and set up appointments).

Sadly, youth at this age often believe they know what it is like to become an adult, however many of them end up homeless trying to do everything on their own. When children are in foster care, they often do not have families to turn to when they need support. The youth in the home will receive a transition plan outlining their information that will ensure their success. This will include names and information of people they have met while in the home (staff, volunteers, teachers, friends). These people will agree to continue to support the youth even after they reach adulthood. The services they will receive while in the home will continue into adulthood by ensuring they have a place to live, money to maintain their lifestyle, food in the home, electric turned on, continuing education or employment, support system to maintain their learning and anything else they may need to be successful.

Jeraca Barnett
Director of Independent Living Homes